Our story
& heritage

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It all started with a 10 lbs bag of dried chiles... 

And our love for salsa macha!

After every trip back home to Mexico we realized how much we missed our favorite foods, but especially salsa macha, a chile-based topping that adds a burst of flavor to virtually any dish. 

Struggling to find salsa macha in Chicago we found ourselves settling for buying salsa macha online from Mexico and bringing it back from Mexico every time we had a chance.  Finally one night, after multiple tacos and cervezas we decided to make it ourselves using a blend of authentic Mexican chiles which Cristina had brought with her on her last trip. And given Sofia’s background in food science and Cristina’s experience with customer research and design, we took the time and expertise to craft the perfect recipe. 

After some time our salsa became a central part of our weekly get-togethers and naturally, we wanted to share this delight with everyone.

We hope you enjoy!

Cristina & Sofia


Our heritage, Mexican Womanhood. 

We pride ourselves on our cultural ancestry. Women in Mexico have been working together for millennia to produce some of the worlds greatest culinary treasures.​


We feel an immense gratitude to the women that have come before us, and we feel honored for continuing the work and enriching our heritage. This is for all of us.